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Sleep for adults

Experiences sleep difficulties 0%
Sleeps at least 3X a week poorly (insomnia)0%
Already took sleep medication0%
Ruminates about work0%
Ruminates about other life areas0%

The sleep training/coaching method is built on 4 foundations:

Structure of each week

Video, audio and workbook
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Sleepcompass online slaaptraining & -coaching

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

    Scientifically proven the best form of first line help with insomnia.

  • Positive psychology

    To be able think more constructively about sleep.

  • Mindfulness

    And other well-founded relaxation exercises.

80% success in large studies, a higher success rate with Claudine's guidance


You work with flexible hours and maybe nights too, then it is likely your sleep suffers.