Sleep is their superpower again

Program participants testify

Sleep training and coaching makes a big difference in the lives of the participants.

Others came before you and were helped to turn their insomnia into healthy sleep, to reduce and get off their sleep medication, and to just be more calm and satisfied with their renewed sleep.

“I have had a disturbed sleep for several years. No matter how much I thought it was doing the right things, there was no improvement.

Despite all the good advice of popular wisdom and medical tips, I saw no changes emerging.
Over the course of the 6-week program, I was told that I had a few bad habits and some misconceptions about sleep.

With minor changes to my habits, I noticed that I slept deeper and woke up less often.

I already know what “cocktail” of habits I have to keep to in future to achieve even more improvement.

More than once I believe in the interaction between a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy deep sleep. Thanks Claudine!”

— Maaike De Troch – Vandeputte Safety

“I have been able to follow the program for 6 weeks and I would recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping.

Personally, I learned a lot about how and how much I sleep using my sleep diary. During the entire course I got small parts theory (in the form of a video, audio and the work book ) and also exercises that I can perform myself. At any time, I could send a message or add comments via the platform. These were always responded to in a timely and professional manner.

Thanks to Sleepcompass, I have now formed a different picture about sleeping and all the frustrations that were associated with it have gone by. After the journey I can continue to practice for 5 months on the platform and I am sure I will use it.”

— Nathalie Ye, Worldline

Dear Claudine,

For more than 5 years, after my husband’s death, I slept with antidepressants or/and sleeping pills when I got too tired, otherwise I would reach 3 to 5 hours sleep a night.

It seemed to me an impossible goal to sleep a whole night without medicine.

But your platform of exercises, your audio’s, that have brought me to rest and relax, your video’s and your cheers have led me to success. I sleep complete nights and especially deep without taking anything, I also sleep easily and I got to listen to my body.

You taught me to sleep and to relax by learning to master my thoughts and my body.

A big thank you to Claudine”

— Maria-Luisa Bonifacio, Deutsche Bank

“The Sleepcompass digital sleep training has given me insights into my sleep pattern.

I got helpful tips to learn how to break negative patterns.
Going to sleep is a pleasure again and no longer a burden. My sleep is a moment of rest for the first time in years”

— Murielle Sterkendries, VRT

“I have a disturbed sleep that is very frustrating to me during certain periods. I am tired and grumpy, and can’t find my sleep rythm.

Thanks to Claudine’s online sleep training/coaching, Sleepcompass, I got more control over my sleep problem. I got lots of tips, could choose between movies or read a workbook, and Claudine followed it up, well. After six weeks I can say that I sleep much better. And if the problem returns, I now have a lot of useful tools and insights in my hands that I can test and try to get it back on track. It is important to let go of everything. Simply surrender to Claudine’s process and assignments. Don’t think too much but do it and then sleep gets better by itself. One of my most important insights is that when you focus too much on sleep, it becomes a bit of a vicious circle. Let it go, follow Claudine’s exercises and knowledge and it can only get better!”

— Sarah De Laet, VRT

“For about a year I had severe sleep insomnia (repeated sleepless nights) that (probably) eventually influenced my mental state (anxiety conditions…)

I tried to control this problem with short-term effective (benzodiazepine-like) sleeping pills that quickly create an addiction…

The Sleepcompass program was then presented to me by my employer. I was reluctant because this program (covid19 mandatory) is based on modern communication tools (internet, PC, tablet, smartphones) that I eventually developed a real phobia for. But I did not want to say no to that “gentil offer”.
The program is based, among other things, on relaxation techniques (breathing/mindfulness, etc.) for which I am a priori not very receptive. But I was determined to play the game as much as possible…

My efforts to follow the exercises have always been very difficult, but I have always made sure that I have followed the info on the platform with a lot of effort.

The first three weeks I saw no improvement.
But by personal follow-up, the «coach gave me some simple but decisive advice to improve my sleep.

I still don’t know exactly how, but it is a fact that my sleep has improved considerably in the last three weeks of the program. I think that the determinants of this improvement are:

simple but accurate advice on how to gradually reduce the need for sleeping pills
“Hygiene” rules to be observed ’s evening (in particular alcohol consumption)
strict control of the time you spend in bed(sleep restriction)
I did not find the ideal sleep after the program (the probable cause is a certain reduced attention on my part since the end of the program) but I qualify these small disruptions of my sleep as a very banal. Whatever the case, the most important thing is without doubt that I have no serious sleeping problem anymore, I don’t use sleeping pills anymore; I really hope to be out of that rut…

In short, the Sleepcompass program was a little wonder for me – that I really didn’t expect.

So thanks to Claudine for helping to overcome a major difficulty in my life…”

— Pierre Bodin, Worldline

“The strength of this course is that many factors of sleep are discussed such as sleep environment, sleep times, physical and mental aspects, …
The course is full of fine tips and is easy to follow.

I am less awake and when it happens I am more relaxed.
I have noticed that it is important to follow all the recommendations in detail.

The sleep course has been very good for me, helpful and I definitely recommend it.”

— Soumia Bahoujabour, Deutsche Bank

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