Meet claudine

Your sleeptrainer and coach

From extrovert, nervous, highly sensitive person and go-getter to quiet, resilient and confident coach and trainer.

In 2013 I ended up in a serious midlife crisis:

I ended up in a mental crisis by giving years of training and coaching, since 1999 for multinationals in 4 languages and privately things didn’t work out,  after all.

I had to find my inner compass; I couldn’t continue on autopilot with all kinds of stress complaints and especially little energy and bad sleep.

I found it my duty to bring together the years of study (since 1997) around personal development, meditation and yoga to help myself and others.

However, I was not ready yet to help others in that new way. To do this, I started studying a number of therapeutic disciplines from 2014.

All of these courses, and the rest of my backpack of knowledge and experience (trainer/coach for large companies for over 20 years), I now use in my practice.

In the Sleepcompass sleeping training and coaching the CBT-I comes together with positive psychology and mindfulness. I have been involved in this since 2016 and I do so for companies and individuals.

In my career, I’ve already helped thousands of people in their personal development!

My Style: I am known for my motivating style, my great faith in the ability of every person I accompany.

People call me pragmatic, empathetic and high-quality.

Therapeutic disciplines I studied:

My Mission

Accompany thousands of people to improve their sleep quality to be happier and more resilient in their lives. Sleep is a superpower ; it improves every aspect of your life!

For a keynote or workshop
about healthy sleep in your company.

The approach of all sleepcompass solutions has been validated by dr. merijn of the laar

Dr. Merijn van de Laar is a Dutch sleep scientist. He has been promoted with the treatment of insomnia and the connection with psychological factors.

He has a broad clinical experience in the treatment of sleep problems, including insomnia and parasomnie (e.g. sleep walking and nightmares).

Claudine is supervised by Dr. Merijn Van De Laar

Dr. Merijn Van De Laar is the author of the book 'Sleeping like a primeval man'.

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